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Under Ricardus’ leadership, the Scouts of Aley were the first to have a girls’ wing. Though a female’s role was not envisaged in the Lebanese Scouts, he opened a section for nurses so young ladies could join in. His vision is rooted in his experience with the Lebanese Red Cross, where he received the training to an Advanced First Aid Certificate.
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Ricardus is a keen reader since his childhood. As a kid, his pocket money went on buying books and magazines. In his readings, he explored the life and teachings of Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, and Ricardus discovered a larger definition for his likings.
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 Growing up in village Bhamdoun also left its mark in beautiful stories.

  • He recalls having to carry a piece of wood under his arm to school so the classroom would be heated.
  • By the school, there was a shepherd who walked his goats to graze. At class break, Ricardus used to run to him, pay him a coin for a pint of fresh milk delivered on the spot.
  • On the attic of grandmother in an old Lebanese house, her storage of delicious jams kept a luring taste and cherished memories of sneaking up to feast on the homemake and the fruits of the orchards from the land of plentiful.
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 When very young, only a village boy, Ricardus sneaked out to the fields surrounding Bhamdoun, his birthplace. By and by, he roamed them regularly exploring and discovering the natural oddities, recording in his mind every detail, marking the flow of the seasons and the changing landscape, watching in awe with eyes wide-open, delighted at every sunrise and sunset, breath-taken at every unfolding surprise of a sight of a life form or a live space. And he stepped into a life-long passionate relationship with nature.


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