Ricardus strengthened his passion for nature with knowledge, which he pursued in higher studies and readings. Now that he learnt about the principles that guide the natural world, his fascination grew stronger and more profound. His course unfolded. He embarked on a faithful ever-lasting trip in the nature of Lebanon.
Setting up his loaded backpack fitted with all his Nikon cameras and accessories, he took off. He walked the old and forgotten footpaths on mountainsides, hills and plains, reaching the highest of peaks and the bottoms of valleys. Equipped with his cutter and a stick, he even created footpaths of his own.

Adoring the beauty of Lebanon, Ricardus extensively records and photographs its natural elements, systems and species. He knows every inch of the natural realm of this country, which he has walked, seen and memorized.

With unwavering enthusiasm, his heart leaps at the sight of every flower he hadn’t recorded before. His eyes glow and his face brightens, he is exalted with joy to meet a new friend of nature. Yet, he views Lebanon’s nature with the sharp mindedness of a qualitative scientist; he realizes the richness of its ecological systems and its biological diversity as well as the significance of its natural resources.


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