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The cave of Antelias preserved a skeleton of a child who died 35,000 years ago constituting one of the oldest records of modern man. Ricardus received news that the rocky site is being quarried. He organized a team to explore and learn the degree of the damage to act accordingly.

Upon arrival at the site, armed guards used their weapons to forbid the team from advancing, so the team retreated and started working on a strategy to involve the press and approach authorities and general public. Overnight, a big amount of explosives was detonated forcing the whole rock face to crumble down. A remnant of a corner of the cave remains to tell of its existence. That was a major archeological loss to Lebanon and the history of human development in this region.

The threat incidence of Antelias Grotto emphasizes another face of activism; it is never a safe mission particularly when the public good gets privately appropriated. On his various causes, Ricardus was treated with verbal threats, gunned threats, threats of shutting his voice, of ousting him from work, ……………………
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