On one of his regular outings to nature, Ricardus visited the upper Batroun region and noticed some construction works on the edge of a hill overlooking the valley. He inquired about the project to learn that it was meant to be a local sewage treatment plant. The site at first look seemed unsuitable.

Further thorough investigation confirmed the geological unsuitability of the site for the intended use. The karstic rocks would not hold the weight of the 1000’s of liters of sewage water reaching the treatment tank. In addition, the sewage treatment project was erroneously conceived as far as capacity and treatment cycle. Consequently, the project seriously threatened the purity of Batroun’s potable water. Ricardus, conscientious, righteous and activist as he was, prepared a scientific report explaining the flaws of the project and their adverse environmental impacts. The report was presented to the funding party the ‘World Vision International’; accordingly, the project was halted. So, Batroun potable water and Nahr el Jawz valley were saved from a looming eruption of massive sewage pollution.

Volunteering the responsibility of saving a country’s natural and environmental assets is never an easy or safe task. Ricardus was faced with all sorts of dangers and temptations. Some tried to bribe him, others intimidated him threatening his life by words and by actions. At times, he had to flee his house and disappear for days under the pressure of threats. He never gave up and never conceded because he is entrusted with the life of future generations and the well being of a piece of heaven on earth. That is his understanding; his perseverance, commitment, morals and sincere beliefs has helped keep parts of this Lebanon safe and intact, and has protected its people from many threatening dangers at the level of pollution, environmental degradation and economics. Many of the sites and assets available today for ecotourism for example would not have survived exploitative dangers without the militant drive of Ricardus.
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