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The interaction of Ricardus with the public, the incredible outflow of information that he generates, the sincerity and passion he reveals through his works, the regular exposure in the press to focus on the public good and protect the right of the community has associated Ricardus’ word with a halo of trust and credibility. He has become a trusted reference to resolve environmental issues.

Municipalities or local communities would contact Ricardus and invite him to discuss an environmental problem they are facing or to decide on the undertaking of a project with an environmental impact. In other cases, parties with contrasting views would contact Ricardus to ask for his advice or check the validity of their standing. They could be municipality verses contractor, local community verses municipality, municipality verses central authority, etc. The raised issues range from sand quarries to rock quarries, garbage dumps, logging of forests, cutting roads, etc.

Shedding light on few examples:
In 1992, Ricardus was consulted by representatives of 40 villages of the Batroun Caza regarding environmental health hazards threatening the region and was delegated by them to approach the government with scientific backing.

The people of Hardeen and Beit Kassab consulted with Ricardus to comprehend the effects of a project proposed for their region. The project included establishing a quarry and installing a rock breaker and a pitch mixer. Having acquired the scientific argument, they rejected the project and safeguarded their region from an environmental devastation that would have erased the ecological, economic and cultural value of their rustic village life and natural beauty for good.

Ricardus is similarly consulted by the press and journalists, as well as governmental bodies. The parliamentary committee for the Environment received a proposal to change the conservation law of the Palm Islands Nature Reserve suggesting to annul some of the clauses of the law and to modify others. The committee requested the expertise of Ricardus to decide on the proposal. Ricardus explained the clauses of the law and their significance refuting the call for their modification, which would contradict the conservation status. He debated the new proposal with the deputies who submitted it and proved its flaws. The discussion session was concluded with the confirmation of the existing law without any modifications. The conservation of the islands was sustained.

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