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Ricardus believes in the power of the word and uses all means to say his. He has found in the press and media important outreach to the general public on a broad scale. Interaction with the press and media took various forms; main features of this extensive interaction are herein captured.
On one level is his personal productions
  • Ricardus has written and presented many radio programs tackling a diversity of subjects to bring knowledge and awareness to the listener.
a bi-weekly 15 minutes public health awareness program broadcasted in 1978 for one year.

a weekly 30 minutes ecological awareness program broadcasted in 1982 for one year.

a weekly 30 minutes botanical program titled: "A Tree From Lebanon" broadcasted in 1986 for six months.

a weekly 30 minutes ecological program titled: "Nature of Lebanon: A Dwindling Resource" broadcasted in 1986 for six months.

a weekly 30 minutes environmental awareness program titled:  "Environmental   Issues in Lebanon" broadcasted in 1986 for 18 months.

  • Ricardus has written, produced and presented a 15 min series for the TV titled: ‘An Outing in Nature’ introducing nature sites, their assets and significance to teach the public the appreciation of the beauty of Lebanon’s nature and incite its protection.
  • Ricardus has written numerous articles in local and international press to highlight a certain topic, to report about an ongoing environmentally unsafe conduct or issue, to open the eyes of public and authority to unlawful and destructive activities taking place somewhere in Lebanon, to bring attention to adverse impacts of a proposed project or strategy, to reveal the beauty and significance of a site, etc. Logging of forests, forest diseases, quarries, pollution, bird hunting, protection of natural assets, important sites of Lebanon for protection are some of the themes that his writings explore.
  • Ricardus approached national and international press; his writings reached
  The New York Times, Nature, Audebon Society Magazine, Taraxacum, Omni.
Al-Nahar, Al-Anwar, Al-Hawadess, Monday Morning, Daily Star, Le Reveil, La  Revue Du Liban, La Magazine, Al-A'mal, Al-Ahrar, Al-Diyar, As-Safeer.

On a second level is engaging the press and media in his activities
  • Ricardus has always invited the press and media to join him on his activities. Whenever there is a hot issue to be portrayed to the public and authorities, a sit-in, gathering, conference, or field activity, the media and press accompanied Ricardus. He always has something very important to say, and he always prepared written material, photos and all documentation to facilitate their job and help them convey accuracy and faithfulness.

On a third level is sensitizing and empowering the media on environmental issues
  • Ricardus believes the media should play its independent role at uncovering and monitoring environmental problems for they are of national significance. Members of the press and media are the soldiers in the field; they cover the whole country in search for stories and are constantly on guard. Thus, enhancing their aptitude to recognize and discern environmental and ecological issues and their significance is fundamental to allow them the basic skills to be involved or identify with this subject and improve their reporting and investigations as well. Through the eighties and ninties, Ricardus organized seminars, workshops and field days targeting the press. A collaboration between the FON headed by Ricardus and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung consummated in the first congress to specifically target the press and media of Lebanon; on the two-day congress, topics were presented with factually evidence and scientific verification to strengthen the knowledge and role of the press and media at carrying the flag of the environment.

On a fourth level is the reciprocal reaction of the media
  • Ricardus has always welcomed the media and press. He has frequently been interviewed to learn his opinion on occurring issues and take his comments, or consult with him on developments in policies, strategies, proposed projects, etc. He participated in various panels, debates, and other TV programs dealing with scientific issues and ecological matters. Ricardus has always assisted the media with all he has of knowledge, references, photos, documentation material, etc. to help them deliver the right message.  

Ultimately, all this activity has snowballed into having most of the written press dedicate a lookout on the environment.

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