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Ricardus is a freely soaring bird watching the beauties of the natural world and marveling. He has never been confined to the societal world. Early in life, he unfolded his wings and embraced the living world in all its elements. He opened the gate and stepped into a more holistic world, a world that is too vast and ever perpetual, colorful and variable. That is where he finds himself, where he belongs, in the world of nature.

He lives this dimension as one living being among the many forms of life exposed to the forces of the elements. To join this  immense world is so freeing, satisfying and rejuvenating. It gives Ricardus a vitality that is rare; he is very lively, energetic, enthusiastic and happy. He loves, understands and knows nature. He senses it in his being, Ricardus smells rain and changes in weather, interprets elements from clouds, winds, light, waves, and all natural signals with precision and a glare. Ricardus sees in nature the ultimate teacher, the open book, the supreme reference.

Ricardus is endowed with very sharp senses that elevated his enjoyment of the natural surrounding, may be this is his secret.
His sight is very refined that he took the Scout’s nickname of Eagle’s Eyes. His heightened ability to view the play of light and color gave him very special photographic skills. His discriminating visual capacity helps him to recognize plant species from distances.
His hearing is highly acute, tuned to hear the weakest of sounds. This increases his enjoyment of the voices of nature and attaches him more tightly to the natural surrounding. He loves music and listens to it with the ear of a musician marking the finest tunes and notes. He cannot sustain loud sounds and noises of chaos and disturbance, they hurt him psychologically and emotionally, he grows very angry and always comments: ‘the level of noise tolerance is inversely equivalent to the level of intellect’.
His sense of smell is so elevated to pick up the finest fragrance or chemicals in the air; his connection with nature is strengthened. He smells the forest, the presence of mushrooms, the soil; particularly delightful is its smell in the first showers of September, etc. Ricardus even smells the humidity of air and could tell by smell the coming of rain.
His senses operate like a radar constantly analyzing all signals from nature making nature his rich and well-known home.

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