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Culturally Exemplary - A Teacher
Teaching is a passionate mission adopted by Ricardus with profound sincerity. He loves to give from a loaded package of information, which he accumulated from reading and experience, to invigorate the young minds and incite them to think freely beyond. He wants them to see what he saw and realize the infinity of the diverse world under investigation whether we come to grasp its rules or not.

Scrupulously, Ricardus believes that his students are devoting time from their own lives to be with him and are entrusting him with their future, he is responsible to give them the best he has and to plant in them the seed that will always grow. Beside science, data and concepts beautifully implanted in our minds with his extraordinary illustrative way, he has planted the love of nature and the respect of wildlife, the love of Lebanon, and the pride for this country. He has planted citizenship; he has taught and exemplified leadership and freedom of thought. Indeed, he has touched all the souls he met. The passion that he effuses in his public lectures is the same passion he teaches with, even if he had taught the same class a thousand times. By excellence, he is equally the builder of personalities as well as free minds. Many take him for an idol and follow in his steps in their own way.

Ricardus taught at the American University of Beirut for twenty years, and after in most of the existing universities in Lebanon (Lebanese University, Balamand, USEK, NDU, ..)  He gave a set of very special courses in the natural science area (botany, ecology, evolution, animal behavior, marine science, plant taxonomy, animal development, biology of invertebrates, ecologie et environnement, ecotourism,..).

Once you took a course with him, it is inevitable to register for the second. Students rushed to enroll in his courses, because he lectures in such an enjoyable attractive very engrossing manner discussing concepts that broaden one’s horizons and trigger his critical thinking. His courses reflect life in various dimensions and he infuses them with many such examples that one lives the course rather than sits for it.

An avid reader and a sharp minded, Ricardus has brought to his students the most recent discoveries in the fields of science and nature. He has baffled our minds with awe and wonder; and tacitly used story telling to push us to explore beyond ourselves. With Ricardus, there is always something new to be delivered. To most of his students, his courses are always the most remembered.

Ricardus has never been the aloof lecturer who gave his word and left. His students are his friends. They trust him and consult him. He has always been present. He has silently helped many to find their way, overcome personal difficulties, and restore shattered lives. He has also shaped the future of many, guiding and assisting them to be on a path of their own. Even those who needed help but did not reach out were not forgotten, Ricardus has always found the appropriate move to approach them or have them come to him. His engagement and the realm of his activity has made him the true teacher.



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