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Leading Naturalist

Militant Ecologist

Pioneer Environmental Activist

Pioneer Nature Conservationist

Father of the Environmental Movement in Lebanon



A whole life seeder, Ricardus has constantly planted seeds of love, wisdom and intellect. Assiduously, unwavering and untiring, he has nurtured the love of nature, the love of Lebanon, the consciousness to Lebanon’s natural resources, and the perception to protect and uphold Lebanon’s natural and cultural heritage.



With an elated spirit, he freed himself from societal entanglements and constraints uncomprehending the need for their existence. He has joined a more certain reality - that of nature extending from earth to the universe with all its varied elements, with the amalgam of natural phenomena and the diversity of living beings. So, he looks at the natural world with insatiable eyes ever amazed and humbled.

He identifies himself with this boundless, supreme and bewildering world, which he has experimented, researched and above all learned from voraciously. In understanding it profoundly, loving it passionately and finding his peace in it, he has truly lived the natural world. And from there, he has brought knowledge, love and wisdom back to enrich the societal life of as many people as he could and help them see or be touched by this reality somehow so they would be enlightened.

For that, the avid conservationist could not be but a fierce defender of the natural world and Lebanon’s heritage; his word has always been sharp, sincere and directive. He has saved, preserved and conserved much of Lebanon’s natural wealth, beauty and landscape for future generations.

Ricardus has solemnly devoted all his assets to nourish and help grow the seeds he sows. He gave and has given generously from his work, mind and soul. Altruistically, he has left the fruits of his diligent engagement to be reaped, hoping that the seeds will increase, and more and more will be carried to new dimensions uncovering new paths. That is how the naturalist addressed his return gift to the miracle of life, and seeded his appreciation to the beauty of this planet and its diverse inhabitants in all their forms.

Devotedly, Lebanon to Ricardus is a choice not a circumstance of nativity. Qualitative and learned, he had opportunities around the globe, but he chose to work for this part of the planet ethically bound by his knowledge of the value of Lebanon’s natural assets and the encroaching threats. Here, he judged his work is mostly needed. Yet, the militant ecologist transcends geographical confinements because by acting in Lebanon he is perpetuating the global forces of nature and engaging in the protection of the natural assets of this fascinating earth. So, he started his nature movement and never stopped.

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