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Ricardus is a keen reader since his childhood. As a kid, his pocket money went on buying books and magazines. In his readings, he explored the life and teachings of Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, and Ricardus discovered a larger definition for his likings.

Treading in the footsteps of Baden-Powell, he joined the Lebanese Scouts Association. For 16 years, he created his path engaging in all activities particularly those exercised in the wild. He always prides that he rightfully acquired the ‘Wood Badge’ after spending five days alone in the wilderness without any food or water but with a Swiss knife and a sleeping bag.

Ricardus climbed the hierarchal ladder and became a Scouts Commissioner (1970) guiding his troops to the fields to show them the unbound life in nature, to experience the qualitative leisure in harmony with their surrounding, and to instill in them some of his passion. He organized summer camps and nature walks, and created festivals and shows. He led his team on contests and most times won trophies for the creative ideas they presented.  

Eagle’s eyes could not be described any better; that was the totem he carried for his sharp sight and farsightedness.

As this Scout’s commissioner entered university, time became so tight that he had to resign to his studies preserving a profound respect for scouting and scouts, and maintaining his Scout’s honor for life.

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