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Ricardus is a skillful writer who writes profusely and variedly in different languages. Writing is one of the tools that he employed to disseminate information to the general public. He wrote articles for newspapers and magazines, programs for Radio and TV, scientific manuscripts and books. Ricardus' refined taste to literature and creative expression appears in all his writings but is mastered in his poems. On the published books:

‘Nature of Lebanon: Humans' Environment: Resources on the Way to Extinction’   1992

is the first book of Ricardus and the first book written in Arabic on environmental problems of Lebanon. It exposes the roots of the problem and their impacts. It was originally printed with the contribution of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. Ricardus offered the copyrights to UNICEF for free. UNICEF printed a free-of-charge version and distributed it to schoolteachers, directors and parliamentary deputies. It is considered a valuable and informative reference especially in educational institutes; it was adopted as a textbook in many universities.

‘Lebanon, Land of the Four Seasons’   1995

is dedicated to expose the beauty of Lebanon and the richness of its nature in awesome sceneries and landscapes. It is an insight to respect and protect the precious natural wealth, for Ricardus believes that if we know this country and love it enough, we will protect it.

‘Orchids of Lebanon’   2009

a kaleidoscopic compilation of the orchid taxa over 35 years of surveying the fields of Lebanon.

‘Floral Enchantment to Lebanon’  2009

portrays most of the flowers named after Lebanon and narrates short biographies of the botanists who named them and their stay in Lebanon.

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