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Ricardus established a network of contacts with schools, Scouts sections, clubs, organizations, and others. At any call, he would carry his own slide projector armed with his collection of 1000’s of slides to sensitize and open the eyes of listeners to the treasures of their land.
Ricardus never missed a chance to implant the love of Lebanon in the mind and heart of an audience, to awaken them to the value of their natural surrounding and to alert them to the impact of environmentally destructive activities, while citing examples of the diversity of threats occurring around the country.  He would incite them to guard the country’s natural riches and cultural heritage in their regions from similar fate each in his own potentials. The themes that he discussed are uncountable, from ecological awareness to conservation of nature and natural resources, issues of sustainable development, biodiversity, pollution problems, and many more.

His words inspire action and are often complemented by activity. The sensitized public often responded by initiating campaigns to deal with their problems under the advice and supervision of Ricardus. The lectures snowballed. Anyone who joined an activity of the Friends of Nature, or sat for lectures would soon call upon to enlighten another group and transmit the knowledge.

Ricardus has delivered over 1500 lectures all around the country from the far north to the distant south, from the coast to border-line villages. In all his lectures, Ricardus always emphasizes that the sense of citizenship is basic to any engagement; awareness would not materialize when not accompanied with a strong feeling of belonging to this land.

The audience who Ricardus addressed span:
Universities: AUB, OCP, BUC, USJ, ALBA, ESIB, USEK, HUC, LAU, USJ, NDU, Ecole Sociale, and others

Schools: numerous, such as, International College, Zahrat El-Ihsan, Sagesse sections, Saint Coeur sections, Broummana High School, Jesus and Mary.

Community centers, cultural institutes, youth groups, associations and NGOs: CDI, CNT, BTJ, CRC, YMCA, Les SDL, GSS, Girl Scouts Association, Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Goethe Institute, Beit Al-Mustakbal, Kulturzentrum, Beit Al-Sakhra, Markwand House, Nabatiyeh Club, Zahleh's Cultural Centre, Ba'akline, Rabieh Cultural Club, Friends' League, Women's League, Green Thumb Club, Garden Club, Freidrich Ebert Stiftung, Art et Culture, Human Rights Association, Women's Rights Association, The Handicaped Association, Al-Muntada, Federation of the Lebanese Mothers Association, Workers Syndicate, J. Rubeiz Cultural Centre, Friends of the Museum (AUB), The British Council, Federation of Apiculturers, Mouvement Social, Makassed, etc.

Other local groups in: Tripoly, Zghorta, Shekka, Baino, Kousba, Ehden, Bsharri, Kfour, Batroun, Hamate, Bikfayya, Zahleh, Jounieh, Zouk Michael, Rabieh, Beit Meri, Broummana, Ghadir, Zouk Municipal Palace, A'akkar Atika, Sour, Yahshoush, A’anout (S. Lebanon), Khinshara, Mizyara, Saida, Baakline (Public Library, public school and Cultural Committee), Btikhnay, Hermel, Bhamdoun, Gebrayel, Kobayyat, Dhour El-Choueir, Maghdoushi, Falougha, and many other places.
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