The trust that Ricardus built through various means of interaction with the general public made him a credible reference on environmental issues. Thus, local communities, villages, local authorities, municipalities, and many others contact Ricardus to consult with him on existing environmental problems or on the environmental impact of activities to be undertaken like cutting of roads, leasing for quarrying, leasing for logging, etc.
Regularly, Ricardus would investigate the issue at hand, and then deliver his respective lecture to allow the public to understand the adversities of the problem they are facing or the advantages of the proposed activity. Many local communities were assisted to decide on their welfare backed with knowledge. This way Ricardus helped deter the progress of damaging projects and protect natural sites and resources in numerous places in Lebanon.

One example from year 2005: The municipality of Kfarhata village decided to make some revenues from the logging of its 300 hectar surrounding oak forest. Immigrants from the village contacted Ricardus requesting his help to make the villagers and municipality preserve the forest. Ricardus visited the region and collected a photographic documentary. At the organized lecture, Ricardus explained to the village the value of their forest particularly because they live in a health compromised region from hazardous air pollutants emitted from the factories of Chekka and Selaata. The villagers understood that their green lung is essential for their better quality of life more than the cash of its logging and the ensuing projects. Another time from the thousands of times he reacted benevolently, Ricardus saved a forest, its natural inhabitants and the human population from imminent dangers.          

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