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Ricardus is pure at heart and mind like all creatures of nature. He is an extremely sensitive person; he is a combination of delicate feelings that are so very transparent. The death of one of his birds draws tears on his cheeks. He could not accept malice, injustice or any wrongdoing, he could not leave a weak unattended; he fights for the right in all respects very truly and honestly.

And more, he is very strong willed with a very strong personality. He walks the way no matter how hard or difficult. He never waivers, never gives up on any cause especially a humane cause; he refuses to give up inside. He is never an onlooker, he readily engages and always speaks out saying the truth, the reality.

He is extremely charismatic. His face, smile and looks are very appealing; one feels the love, joy of life and sincerity very transparently conveyed in his presence, his eyes and voice; one cannot but be attracted to him. He is like a magnet drawing you to his world. In his presence, one cannot but approach and listen absorbing all attention.

Ricardus is an innate leader. He never stood in the hind lines. He is always planning the action and the first to start the execution. How can we ask the leader not to lead, so Ricardus is always there setting the example and taking the first step forward. His sense of leadership is very imposing. People ask for his leadership. Always after talking to a crowd, they will come and ask him to lead them to whatever he wants them to do. Yet, he never reserves the sense of leadership to himself, he tries to infuse it in his students, collaborators and general public; his constant request is for people and youth to lead in their communities and take them to the safe resort.

Ricardus has always spoken deep from the heart with total involvement and enlightening knowledge. Combined with his very special character and personality, he is the perfect motivator. No one would hear Ricardus lecture and not be captivated and readied for activity. He talks to all young and old and equally gets to the heart and mind of all. He generates a sense of pride and passion about our Lebanon, which all of a sudden becomes so dear to his listeners, as a precious gift that they hadn’t realized before.
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