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Ricardus is a true visionary with acute foresight. This is reflected in his course of life and his achievements. His ability to foresee behavioral trends and predict reactions helped him sketch his track to reach what he achieved from creation of nature reserves, to their unprecedented laws of conservation, to starting a ministry of environment, to talking to the public, to solving environmental problems and dilemmas, etc.

The value of his work is better appreciated when we know that Ricardus has achieved, preserved Lebanon’s assets and resources and has built for the future at a time when civil war was consuming the country. He knew that when the country wakes up from the war, the natural wealth would be appreciated as economic assets such as in tourism and global trends as eco-tourism and conservation.

He upheld the responsibility with only a personal initiative not stopping at any obstacle and not waiting for any return. Protecting Lebanon’s nature and its resources transcends all difficulties. He devotes all he has for this mission; he invests his time, life, brain, resources, spirit and all assets. He would be called anytime of the day to be informed of a forest fire or logging of woodland or an infested aging tree or crumbling terraces or many more. He would respond immediately and start contacting press and authorities and putting pressure on all implicated parties to do the right thing. His resounding words, his devotion, sincerity and credibility gives him a moral power that pushes the responsible to respond and act favorably.

Ricardus continued his mission with the same perseverance, sincerity and clarity of mind during the chaotic development following the war. Ricardus works for that time when reason prevails. Lebanon today and in the future will reap the benefits of Ricardus’ work.
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