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If we know the person, we understand his deeds.
It is this person who did all that work. It had to be him, for he has what it takes.
He has stamina and leadership, mental capacity and profound interest, passion and mission, charisma and appeal, sense and sensitivity, ……

When Ricardus is asked: how did you become who you are? He would reply: read these books, they align a splendid path :
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Never Cry Wolf
All Things Bright and Beautiful
All Creatures Great and Small
All Things Wise and Wonderful
The Lord God Made Them All

Though Ricardus has concentrated his efforts on working for a country, he is bigger than a country, never bound by borders or attitudes. Ricardus is a man of the world, a man of the creation; he works for goodness, righteousness, and universal nature. Many people come and go, but few are those who mark life indefinitely, who bring us closer to our humanity to the pure sense of being, Ricardus is one of them.
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