Ricardus realized that spreading awareness and enlarging the circle of the conscientious in order to reach a change in the behavior toward nature is a long and slow process, meanwhile the dangers were starting to grow in intensity and expansion. Nature cannot defend itself on short-term and some assets are too valuable to succumb to the axe of threats. Action is needed first and foremost to save, and then it is needed to set the path, the precedence and to accomplish so those made aware will also learn the way to be effective from a role model.
Most importantly, it is needed to ascertain that invested efforts will effect change, otherwise the aware will become the frustrated and disappointed. At the end of every lecture exposing examples of the environmental problems and the atrocities committed against the nature of Lebanon, the concerned become suspicious of the significance of their efforts; an identifiable success story is imperative to assure that goodwill prevails.

Yet, acting against the odds requires the stamina of a leader, the spirit of a motivator and the resistance of a free-willed; Ricardus has them all. He is always the heart of the action, taking the first step and effusing exceptional zeal that overwhelms and inspires support. He never hesitated to act alone whenever nature calls for help. When he has the chance of group assistance, he would be carrying his loudspeaker transmitting his motivation in exemplary truthfulness and sincerity conveyed in vocal and facial expressions stemming for the heart of the knowledgeable enclosing his whole being.

Ricardus has a special regard for the media for spreading the word, so he would always call up the press and media to meet him at the site of action or to report the activity. Most times he would prepare a written text to inform and clarify; many times he would write a follow up article in the media. This out reach to the media helped generate a deterring impact assisting at forbidding or halting many of the disturbing threats.

To account for the life’s work of Ricardus would take thousands of pages; few examples emphasize the effort and time that an active ecologist and naturalist devoted to forbid the destruction of Lebanon’s natural riches, ecological assets and public good.