Ricardus believes in the power of words as an effective tool to change. He appreciates this power, and has never used words lightly or naively. Actually, the power of Ricardus lies in his word, in the message he conveys. His word is true, sincere and free, so it has a presence and an impact.

Ricardus also believes that words could rock people and move them to act. He is not restrained by the limitations of the human spirit. He knows that the struggle to change is long and difficult. He would be infuriated by the negligent and disrespectful behavior and attitudes of the Lebanese toward their precious land. But he believes he could effect change and he has through his word. He works and works hard because the cause is worth every effort.

Over the years, Ricardus has saved thousands of sites from destruction, thousands of forests from disappearing, vital resources from damage and disturbance, landscapes from being disfigured, natural beauties from vanishing. This is the legacy of one man with a word of wisdom, knowledge and passion.